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  • Hi DR.L Could you give me an update on that repair? I Pm'ed you a few days ago and its been over 2 weeks, i really need to get these drivers in before the end of the month. Thanks!
    Hello Drlava,

    It was brought to my attention that you have a focusable 1.2W 808nm laser for sale. Could you tell me your asking price?

    Thank you!
    i was told to contact you about a driver i need they said it was called the flexmod2.
    do you have them and how much are they?
    i need one for a dpss 200mw green aixiz diode.
    i need it to be ttl because i want to hook it up to a dmx board for a laser light show i am building. thanks and God bless.
    Hey drlava, just wanted to ask about the microboost. I was thinking of possibly running a 445nm diode at about .8A (which should give the diode a forward voltage of ~4.2V) with a 3V battery (should have >3000mAh). Plugged the values into that equation in the manual and it gave 1.12. Is this too close to 1.2?
    Looking for 3 flexdrives for up and coming projects, 1 being the 445nm @ 1Watt, are they still around. Your pages says out of stock. ?
    What's happening.
    Hello Doctor! Could you just verify for me that you recieved my flexdrive for repair and give me an estimate on when i will have it back? I am trying to have my laser up for my 4th of july party :) thanks! Talk to you soon, -John
    Any word on the PM I sent you? I have been trying to get a hold of you for about 1.5 months now.
    Hello, I would like to buy 2 flexdrive's and 1 testload. Can you set the output?

    I got the flexdrive last week but have a problem. I hooked it up to a test load and it was outputting 110-113ma which was exactly where I wanted it. When I hooked it up to the diode it lit for a few seconds and then went out. After some trouble shooting i found the one wire from the diode to be loose. I think it may have came loose from the flexdrive while i was moving it for testing. Is the flexdrive repairable or do I have to just get a new one? I know it was a mistake on my part I'll have to do a better job soldering next time(everything is just so so small on the flexdrive)
    Hello, the site is not hacylon.com but if you google FlexDrive you should be able to find it. I got the order, it was shipped, paypal should have sent you the tracking number (google checkout does) and tracking shows delivery on the 24th.
    Do you still use you hacylon.com site? I placed an order there about a week ago. The money came out from PayPal immediately but I never got any confirmation from the order and I haven't heard anything about it....I ordered a flexdrive and glass lens housing. Thanks. Bryon
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