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    I hope all is well. I know you are busy but can you give a status on the power supply you were supposed to build and send to Kenom? Been waiting a few years now. Thanks Carl
    Dr ---
    Which of your drivers is currently available? As I remember, there was one with TTL input.
    Hey DR lava, not sure if you got my previous PM's... Could I get a demo copy of LSX?

    Don't buy from this guy!!!!!!!!!! I have sent him more $30 and now there are no lenses, there is no money, there is no answer!!!
    I have lost the money....
    I'm interested in purchasing a bulk order (at least 30+) of the flexdrives v5 drivers if you have any left to sell. email me @ clifderoche@yahoo.com when you can so we can discuss this. thank you, Clif
    It is very bad from your side... Gets money and doesn't answer on any mails. Bad idea do business with you.
    Hi !
    I has paid "445nm correction optics" 2 May. And you don't answer on my emails. When you will send me optics? My mail is trizet86@gmail.com
    Hey Dr. Lava,
    Your site says that your V5 micro drivers are out of stock. Do you happen to have any more? I have burnt up one of my last two and am in need of a replacement driver. If you would (if you have some), please send me a paypal invoice for a V5 micro drive to: mkowal525@hotmail.

    Include shipping prices and all. Payment will be promptly made.

    Thanks for your time.

    Hey dr, Do you have any idea when you might be getting the V5 flexdrives in? It looks like the best route for my 445. Thanks!
    I need 8 more Flexmod P3 drivers your site says temp out of stock. I am in the middle of a very large project with 60 cooled diodes and the Flexmods you sent last week were perfect. PLEASE get back to me. How soon can I get them?
    Hi dr lava ... can you send me your paypal address so i can send you the money for a replacement flexdrive


    Hi there. I'm trying to contact you because three weeks ago I ordered 4 Flexmod P3 drivers through your link on PL. They sound perfect for my projector build and I'm going to need 12 of them. But the project is at a stand still waiting for them. Please let me know if you can supply them soon as I really need them.
    E. Meyer
    Does it match the voltage drop of the diode, or just dump the full 13 volts?
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