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    2W SKYRAY SR-5 With Modded Single 1.8A Microboost Driver

    Hi, nice build, nice looking beam, too. RHD is correct the driver was running flat out at the 3A switch limit, this is why that value didn't change during your test. I'd suggest you try this instead, replace the large resistor on it with one of these Digi-Key - RHM.13SCT-ND (Manufacturer -...
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    Buying: long die closed can red diodes

    I'm looking for a number of these diodes. They were often discarded from the GGW sleds and some other blu ray sleds. Please let me know if you have >5 of these to sell. thank you!
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    What happened to Dr. Lava?

    Hi guys! The defense is over, LSX laser show software is excellent and now rolling, the drivers are back in stock, the distributors (including ndrew who posted here) are doing a good job of customer service (Thanks to all of you for that) , and I'm crawling out from under a rock and getting to...
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    GB: Low Cost 15K Scanner Galvo Set with DMX & ILDA Complete - $75 **ARRIVED**

    Hi Guys, for those that participated in the LSX group buy, thank you. And thank you swimmin for running it. I've posted up a little scanner check tutorial here: LaserShowForums.com • View topic - Using LSX to check the tuning of your galvos Best regards
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    Laser show software

    How many projectors and DACs do you have? LSX Lite can always be upgraded to more projectors in the future if/when you find the need. The reason LSX Lite is limited to one projector is that it offers professional-quality features for that one projector. LSX offers extremely smooth output, a...
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    First Projector-Thoughts?

    Again. I never said it wasn't worth 19.99. I said that the reason it was 19.99 was the introduction and enthusiasm around LSX, and I said that based on the data above. What you did was insult me by calling me names.
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    First Projector-Thoughts?

    Gary, it's just a text statement of the things I noticed you doing: 5-27-2011 19:38 LSX announcement 5-27-2011 20:30 Spashetti goes on sale ($79) 6-04-2011 Interested user posts and mentions considering LSX (this thread) 6-05-2011 You post "I sell Spaghetti and I will beat any LSX price by...
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    First Projector-Thoughts?

    Hi Flecom, no worries, I wasn't saying it wasn't fair. Indeed, it's better than the $50 price that I thought was fair for the V2 series. Regarding the frame editor discussion in the previous page, LSX comes with a full 3D frame editor AND ILD SOS is included which will import vector graphics...
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    First Projector-Thoughts?

    If anyone wants a demo of LSX, send me a PM on PL. There's a reason for the 19.95 slashed price on Spaghetti, and you'll see what it is. :)
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    Need specific drivers

    I posted this in an off-topic thread, but based on a post in this thread, it seems to be appropriate here, too: Hi guys! Wow, I'm sorry to see the hate has gotten a little thick around here, and it appears that some people, even a business owner might be trying to take advantage of it as an...
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    Dear Dr. Lava...

    Hi guys! Wow, I'm sorry to see the hate has gotten thick here, and it appears that some people, even a business owner might be trying to take advantage of it as an excuse to copy designs. wow! The fact is I've had to take a break from selling these for the last month or two because...
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    Does anyone know anything about Drlava?

    Hi, thanks guys. Last week I had an important committee meeting and it went OK. So the next meeting will be the defense! Anyway, orders have been proceeding. There was a Holiday backlog but that's been taken care of and things should proceed as normal. If anyone trustworthy wants to offer...
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    Planning DIY TPS63000 based driver

    If you want to challenge yourself and not copy, you don't need to look at my design at all :) So far what I see is running into a challenge and quickly people go hmm, how did HE do it? Well, if you're going to do an honest design you're best off not even talking about or looking at mine.
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    Trouble setting flexdrive.

    bbshamsa, what you're running into is the flux that has ended up on the board from your soldering attempts is wetting the solder so much that you can't draw it across the resistors for bridging. Clean off the flux with some ethanol or flux remover and dry again, this time letting flux burn off...
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    Question about Flexdrive v5

    Hmm, the 100-312 range shouldn't be there., it's now about 100-412 without removing the resistor.