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  • Well... my grandpa's name is "Carlos"... maybe he had a brother which I never knew.

    I'm already feeling invigorated.
    Do you still have any of the '445nm Kryton Groove Lasers $185' you advertise in your .sig ? Thanks..
    hey friend got a question do you fix lasers cuz im trying to find someone to fix my red wicked laser the diode broke off the board i can show you pics of it first let me know
    this is what it is saying
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    Foreign International Dispatch, March 21, 2011, 1:03 pm, BEIJING, CHINA PEOPLES REP Foreign Acceptance, March 18, 2011, 2:53 am, PORTEE
    hey friend long time no talk just got a quick question do you know how long it takes dragon lasers to ship to usa im in Michigan and it was shipped on the 18th of march if you know how much longer ill be waitng please let me know
    Hey Daguin,

    I'm new to this forum and I was interested in possibly getting one of the lasers you have for sale. I originally saw the Arctics and I was interested in those but it seems after finding this forum there are a lot of better alternatives for a better price. I may even be interested in the one you have that's been modified. Do I need to get a separate charger for that? I'm not too familiar with how these things work. I'm in So. Cal too so if it works out I can meet you in person and give you cash. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Is it reasonably straight in relation to the body? I think its not straight
    Is it reasonably focused? focused ?? I dont use a magnifyer
    Does the spot look similar to one of these below? yes, but more rectangle not round eges
    Does it fairly easily burn dark objects (like a CD case)? yes , 30cm -- 3sec
    Hi dagui

    I have a problem with my Spartan 1W Laser
    The beam does not come out from the center
    and it is not straight
    Can you tell me what to do ?
    jayrob recommended to hunt you down and beg you to complete his awesome housing with your diode... i am new.i am stupid.luckily i know i am stupid so i know i will screw up fixing a diode up... dont waste brain dead guilds.. I am chinese.. ( cant read chinese that well so dont try that haha)anyways was hoping you could complete the set up and shipped to me since jay and you have closer proximity and i am in a country that is a dot on the map Singapore!!! I would really appreciate it... and when i mean dont waste your time on me its another way of saying charge me for your expertise and make your time worth.. I would really appreciate it... let me know soon.. take your time if you want... jayrob backlogged me 3 weeks and i think the stupid airlines will backlog me 3 more weeks...


    p.s. The first part is not true. Jayrob only recommended you for diode and hint that there is a possibility you might do it... i just just trying to assume what jayrob might be thinking...
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