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  • Yeah, it can pop, burn, smoke almost everything

    But iam only worried about the Beam Expander !

    Maybe i cant use it , when the beam is not centered ;(
    If it is giving you a rectangle and it is burning stuff easily, it is probably fine. Only you can decide if the "out of alignment" issue is irritating enough to risk breaking it or worth trying to send it back. Will it still do all that you want it to do (burn, pop, pierce the night, etc.)?

    The interior of the laser has pretty tight tolerances. If it was significantly out of alignment, it shouldn't fit together. I can look at it for you, but we are dealing with international shipping, aren't we? It the irritation worth it?

    Is it reasonably straight in relation to the body?
    Is it reasonably focused?
    Does the spot look similar to one of these below?
    Does it fairly easily burn dark objects (like a CD case)?


    If the answer is, "Yes" to those questions, there is nothing wrong with your laser.

    Light (especially very bright or dim light) sometimes plays tricks with our eyes

    If the answer is, "No", then which problem is it?

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