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Safe-Green Laser To Scare/Chase Geese Off Property?


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May 20, 2019
Geese Control!

1st, I've searched (Probably Incorrectly) but most results are years old and don't wanna get ridiculed for resurrecting multiple threads.

I've used a Red Cat Toy Laser and it seems to scare the Geese off, only at Night.

I want a Green Laser that will not Blind them during the day and or night...Does such a thing even exist?

I live in eastern Nebraska on a small Lake. H8 Tootsie Rolls left behind from the Land Carp!

Don't wanna spend a lot of money.

Would like recommendations for something that is simple/safe to operate and uses rechargeable batteries.

Please, I only want info for Lasers. I read several old threads where people start recommending Fake Owl's, Dogs, Rocks etc.