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Multiple beams


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Jul 10, 2015
There was a discussion on PhotonLexicon back in 2006 about producing a custom "axicon" optic that might be helpful to your build. (Despite the fact that there are axicon lenses, that's not what this was about.) The idea was to start with a rod with a conical tip and then grind 4 (or more) symmetrical flat faces into the tapered tip. Then cut off the tip, mount it on a backing plate, and drop the whole thing in a vacuum deposition oven to coat those flat faces with dielectric film to make them into high-efficiency first-surface mirrors.

Now you could aim an array of 4 (or more) diodes at those faces and the resulting output beam would be a tightly-packed cluster of collimated beams that were perfectly parallel to each other - no knife-edge mirrors required. There was even talk about drilling out the middle of the rod so you had room for a central beam.

The project never really went anywhere, but the physics were sound and the actual manufacturing process was fairly well described. I think something like this could still be done affordably, and it would certainly simplify any optical arrangement where you needed to combine several diodes together into a single, composite beam.

Food for thought...

We have had those ideas too and as the beam width is the limiting factor we could use cut mirrors about the width of a beam.:cool:


See this Thread....

A More advanced version of this IS now about 50% complete !!! C-19 slowed things down !!! The name of this project is...
" The Green Kraken " Alaskan has commissioned me to design and build. I MUST get his approval to post ANY details...but...I assure you...THIS will be completed by Fall 2020....and will be Epic !! We are hopeful to deliver 10.4 W out the front door in a small beam pattern array.
Hold on to your hat !! CDBeam
@ CDBeam777 : Aligning all those beams will be challenging, can't wait to see it. :)

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Feb 25, 2010
Thanx Adam...THIS is surly my most complicated build to date !!! Alignment is just going to be a real TREAT !!! And yes...we are using special cut Front Surface mirror segments to form the final array of bounce mirror's. We have a company that will grind the modified flat facet Axicon but have decided to pursue a POC with discrete FS mirror segments. EPIC BUILD !!