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I bought a laser but seller doesn't respond

Commander J. Bloodmaker

Active member
Apr 14, 2021
if i scam anyone in this forum i will probably get out of here on my own its an insult to me i will try to do better service in future for those who need pointers laser, but for now, I will stop for a while, thank you to everyone who came out to speak for me
I have seen pictures of your work and it is phenomenal. I have read about your work here, and it's amazing work. Beautiful art pieces is how I see them.


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Apr 2, 2009
he received the laser, and i am not sure he will send the flashlight back to me, who is the scammer and who is the scam
when he bought the laser, he knocked me down day by day while he knew it was a handmade product, and now, i am waiting in vain for his response
He needs to acknowledge that it came-- what seems like a very long time may not by the same as all here... Even it it takes longer that you expect I will still tell members to buy from members-- first-- BUT even the best makers have problems. I have one of his builds and while it did take time --the wait was worth it. Build a few and you will see, good luck-

we want to see lots of pics----hak :)