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Hi From a Laser Grad Student in SoCal


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May 14, 2020
Hey All,

I am a graduate student at UC Irvine in the Physics dept studying ultrashort pulse lasers and laser based x-ray systems. I first found this site while looking for specs on diodes to pump my Ti:Sapphire oscillator that I am building; a big thanks to everyone who has documented the capabilities of the different diodes, it has been a huge help and one of the few places on the internet that complies this info.

I've been working on diode pumped solid-state lasers, but with the pandemic all "non-essential" research has been stopped and my group has pivoted to start looking at creating UV light by frequency doubling blue laser diodes. In the next couple months I am hoping to do an M^2 beam analysis, far-field beam divergence, and temperature tuning wavelength studies on the various high-power blue laser diodes on the market. While I won't be able to look at people's individual laser systems I am hoping to expand this study to the other diodes that are out there and hopefully this info will help aid future builds for everyone here.

Here is the current list I am looking to analyze (thanks DTR's Laser Shop for making an easy supply point):
- BDR-209
- NDB7A75
- NUBM44-V2
- NUBM07
- NUBM06

Hopefully this list gets expanded!


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Jul 10, 2015
Welcome to LPF

7A75, 06 and 07 are all discontinued IINM but other companies make similar diode lasers and if industry has a need I'm sure that Nichia can fill it.

Feel free to inquire and share anything of interest that you discover, Thanks.
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