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1000mw vs 500mw - what's the difference


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Apr 2, 2009
I that a good website is Nlaserpointersafety.com
Read it learn it. You only get one set of eyes.
^^^ all new members need to spend a lot reading at this site.

we do NOT want to ever see your name or face there--
read what was said by those arrested after court like " this was the most stupid thing I have ever done''

500mW laser is NOT one half as powerful as 1W-- the factor is 4 not 2-- to double 'power or perceived brightness' from 1W it takes 4W not 2W.

I must ask you this-- any reason for buying THEN joining LPF and asking for advice??
Surely you know that many sellers of anything are not honest with the specs?

especialy those NOT located in your 'Area'
are you going to finish your profile??

info there is required if you really want good help..

going now to read your 'intro' that you placed in our WELCOME section..(I hope)


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Aug 17, 2016
Welcome to the forums,
as said above. Go for reputable sellers and make sure of safe use even of your laser. Except this there is also theoretic possibility of IR leakage from your laser if not properly filtered. Under normal use (even with glasses on) this should not be problem untill you do not operate it at close range to eyes (even for reflection). IR is invisible and is result from 532 nm generation process in DPSS laser you likely have. Since IR (808 and maybe a bit of 1064 nm) is at least in case of 808 likely not focused when exiting unfiltered aperture, it is supposed not to be dangerous in relatively close distances. Still there must be considered much higher power of pumping diode 808 nm than actual output is (for safety).
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