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  • ive payed today earlier with pp acount edgardxs@gmail.com. did you get it? i didnt receive anu confirmation from you
    Hey bud, regarding the kits that you sell...are they complete kits same as the blue ice laser I received, just not assembled? If so, how would you rate the difficulty level, as I am a novice in every sense of the word? Would an amateur be able to assemble these?
    Got both laser and they are great. My glasses arrived the day before so it was perfect timing. Couple of questions... Do you know what lens is in the eghamus? The blue ice laser actually seems a bit more powerful. I know you mentioned in one of your posts about it possibly being a M140 instead of a A140, would that rate it higher than my expected 1.8mw? Also, is there a way for these blue ice lasers to have a better focus ring, I find it difficult to focus the laser without getting my hand in front of the beam?

    Overall I am extremely happy with every step of the purchase from you. Smooth transaction and great delivery time. Thank you.
    Thanks for the response. My email is travishall81@gmail.com; you can contact there with payment instructions. I live in Florida, so you won't have to worry about any, pain in the butt, overseas issues. Thanks again!
    I'd like to purchase one of your 1.2W Blue-Ice Lasers $120 shipped.
    Please advise me on how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance,
    John Ponzo

    Please respond to ponz924@gmail.com
    I am ok for 5 focus adapters and pay $16 for shipment: total is $31
    I need your paypal address to pay you .
    Do u have a central location for any other lasers you have for sale? I have a feeling I am about to become a collector!
    Hey i'll take one of the blue ice lasers! I hear people are skeptical about selling to new forum members around here but I do have experience with high powered lasers and I do have the necessary safety glasses all of which I can prove if needed. I'm also 24 years old.
    hey Bud I have buying from dtr-lpf and i am in over my head on this build and he said you might take it on? I have a M140 Diodes in a mondule with axixs glaass and i hae a good driver that i drt.lpm suggested, im waiting on a servial laser Stainless Steel Laser Host Assembly, Extended and Tapered Heat Sink, Unmarked. I know if i try to heat sink the drive like it needs and just hookiing the driver up i will mess it up so if you could message me back if you want to take on for was price of corcuse or if you dont want to mess with it no big deal...thanks
    Jeffrey Alex Book
    What? I've been replying to all your PMs for the last 2 hours. Why would you need to ask me this?
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