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ArcticMyst Security by Avery


Studying Physics, Love lasers

Lasers, Guitar, touring festivals
Va Beach, VA
Carbon Fiber fabrication


Wavelength Collection:
700mW 405nm Custom by Isaac T.
50mW 405nm Laser Pen
1500mW 445nm Custom
1000mW 445nm LuckLaser
3100mW 455nm Custom by Isaac T.
200mW 520nm 501B Custom
400mW 532nm SkyLaser HL-300 -Being Replaced.
100mW 532nm Laser Pen
50mW 589nm DragonLasers PGL-III-M
15mW 638nm 501B
800mW 650nm SkyLaser PL-1000
100mW 650nm Laser Pen
5mW 650mm SkyLaser Pen

"I appreciate the beauty and aroma of a rose as much as the next man, but an understanding of the physical and chemical processes that underly that beauty can only enrich the experience."

-Various hosts, diodes, and lenses awaiting assembly


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