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  • Hello tmack, long time you've been around, do you still sell custom laser builds? Im interested in buying you one.
    Where have you been :( Virginia meet is almost here.
    Where you been. Selem is almost here.
    Have not heard from you if a few weeks Sent several Pm's. You still coming to the laser meet. you better. No really I have had enough people bail xD if you don't make it ill cry :cryyy:
    I have an old 5mw green laser is there ne way to take that diode an increase the power I have seen alot of diy homemade lasers but they all say to purchase a new diode
    Ha I knew we'd stray off topic. I'm just glad those stabilizers come standard on bikes now. I would hate to have to buy one aftermarket for my BMW s1000rr. Everything for that bike is pricy.
    I see your profile says you're in Baltimore md. I worked in Pax River quite a lot this past summer. Everyone seems to have fast bikes out there I was amazed to see so many. I think I put less then 2000miles on this past season:(
    Tmack, saw you were on just wanted to say hi. The LPM is working fine. Thanks for the graet deal,paul1598419
    a tad worried about Peter
    'Last Activity: 12-04-2013 11:25 AM'
    last post was 11/23... not like him to be away AND not reply to my PM---

    heard anything? can you cvall him??

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