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  • Thanks! I made it in GIMP a few months ago after fruitlessly trying to find a program to do it for me. I still have the .xcf file if you're interested, all you'd have to do is delete part of the black layer where you want an emission line.
    Sorry for the delay, haven't been on for a long time. Thank you, i thought the same when i saw it. Would love to be able to do that in a isolated place.
    Hey trencheel,

    I remember when you first joined the forums haha. You are doing pretty well, even have more lasers then me :p

    Yeah I work in IT for an industrial parts distributor. My dad started his own computer business in the 80's relating to document management and I worked for him from 2002-2006 when the business went under. I'm actually just starting the IT job on March 10 although I've been working for the same company for 2 years now in customer service. I'm also of Scottish descent as my father was born in Glasgow and came to Canada when he was 10.
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