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Taipan Projector: 3.5-4 W B(445nm)1.5W, G(520nm)1W R(637nm)1W DT30 Still building! :)
All solid state PJ: 1W B(462)400mw G(520)200mw R(638) 400mw DT40W
Pointers: 1.0 watt "Z-Lase" - 520 nm diode by DTR attached to segelei zmax V5 Vaporizer
Gassers: ILT 5500ASL Multi Line AR Ion doing over 350 mW. 2590 hrs
Another ILT 5500ASL Single Line AR Ion 1500 hrs. Current mode 10.95 A 315mW Geez! :)
Yet Another ILT - 5500AWC - tunable Multi Line AR Ion inbound! - 100 hours. Almost Brand new.
Laser Graveyard:
Omnichrome 543 200MA Multi Line AR Ion doing 0 mW. Seller didn't pack properly. 32 hours on the clock too! :(


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