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  • Hey fiddy was wondering do you still have your artic lasers have you thought of selling any of them ? And do you know anyone selling laser locally I'm from Melbourne and really interested in lasers like the artic or similar

    Hi Fiddy,

    Jayrob from CPF sent me here to ask you a couple of questions about his red mt-g2 mag 2d he apparently made you if you don't mind??

    I am after a beast of a red thrower for hunting and was wondering:

    A) how far you think yours clearly lights up an object (ie fox) with the aspheric lens?

    B) have you ever measured the kcd of yours?

    C) do you recommend it/ want to sell it?!?

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm writing to you because i saw you love nixies, everytime i see sometihing with nixies i would like to buy i see you got it, i'm begining and i just got nixie 18 tube for my future blue dream clock , i'm interested as well for the dekatron (sheaper compare to the in18!!)
    If you got some great products or advices i'm really ok to see it.
    I saw last time the nixies in13 and im shure it's possible to do something great with this product but i don't know a lot about electronic , have to learn.
    Hi Fiddy,

    I've been admiring your collection of lasers and was wondering how I would get started on this hobby? Looks like a rewarding little pastime that might suit me. What are the basics that I'd need to buy? Soldering iron? bits 'n' bobs??
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