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  • I actually have a flashlight That I was thinking of using, and I might just try and get a custom heat sink for it.
    I may try that, I need to learn eventually :D
    Holy crap are you serious!!? We are the only two! Haha that's because 555 would be awesome!!
    Hi VV,
    I don't really know but when i take out the diode and PSU test it ill measure the host for you. Sorry just got home from a beer, Bbq baby shower, a friend of mine his daughter is due in 6 weeks. I might test tonight or early in the morning. I'll test with that lens in the labby And with some others.

    Whoa really? Would he be able to press it for me already for a little extra $$? I'm definitely not skilled enough to do that.
    Hey VV well the black 445 was just a 1w from sci-fi and the stainless one was actually the one raziko sold me and 600mw I believe, I really want something more powerful lol 1w seems kinda boring now, that's why I'm saving up to build a 07E :D and thanks for the kind words man.
    Very good point, I'll have to save some money and try my hand at the 07E.
    so hey this is about the greenlasersrock post, so basically if GLR actually didn't mess with it all then Alien did a horrible job? Dang :( hard to believe
    I honestly didn't wanna try something as expensive as the 07E until I had more experience but heck why not right, go all in.
    Omg the Nubm44s scare me, in a good way lol
    My next build will more than likely be the first one I was wanting to go with before I chose 638nm.
    The 16x Bdr :D I want a 800-900 405nm. I'll prolly have to use the G2 to get that kinda power at 600ma, or the 07E. Which one you think I should do?
    Hey VV I got it completed and it works great :)I'm actually gonna make a YouTube video and share it on here. I wish I had a meter :( but I'm sure it's putting out about 700-800mw since I'm using an amp.
    Yeah that's weird because mine said Friday but I got it today :D I'm too scared to touch it lol, as long as I don't touch wires with finger right?
    VV whoa we will!! I can't wait to do this! I got the mits because doesn't the oclaro have really bad divergence?
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