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green lasers rock
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  • Just shipped a JL 10X BE to 'Nate' RedWood City.. and you a few members that are bay area..sounds like REVIVAL Time of the CalLEMs. (daguin would come if invited & he has nice toys for show n tell.. Met him at SELEM.. )
    have a great 2019..hak
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    green lasers rock
    green lasers rock
    My name is actually Connor, not Nate. Sounds like someone else is getting that neat piece of kit. :) I totally agree that CalLEMS should come back. I once tried to organize an event in the bay area, but nothing ever became of it. If they do come back, my projector is waiting ;)

    I am already planning to attend SALEM this year. Are you going?
    Could of been a mistake at least I would like to think so. Keep doing what your doing buddie and that neg rep will be forgotten and will grow:) Anyway I must of not sent the PM properly but its in the past!
    No I didn't reject it. Thanks though. Don't know why olympus mons negative repped me though after I admitted the broken laser was my fault. I never meant to say it was his fault, I guess it just seemed that way.
    I sent you an apology through a PM with my reasoning of why I was upset but it didn't go through. Just wondering if you rejected it which is fine but i'm happy this has worked out ok. You have to believe it was all in for your safety, even from the vets:)
    Take a little time to cool off and come back fresh in a day or two. Not everyone is out to get you. Keep in mind most, if not all, of the people "calling you out" were at one point 14 too. Some people have been unfair, others may seem like they are being unfair but in the end are just looking out for your safety and the hobby. I wouldn't trust 14 year old me with 6-7W - and I handled many class IV lasers around that age. It's nothing personal. Prove to us you can be mature and work your way up to the really high power stuff.

    All the best :)
    Hi guys! I am a young laser enthusiast located in Redwood City, California. I have many eBay lasers, such as some 50mw greenies, and a 100mw red and violet, as well as many cheap pen style pointers. Thank you for looking at my profile. Sorry if i seem like a noob, because I am:(
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