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  • Game-Genie and Phillip are also in AT
    FYI, I'm not Austrian, aber wohne derzeit in Wien und kann sogar a bissel Wienerisch... not ;)
    Bumping old threads moves newer posts down the list. In theory IF there was a new thread posted and IF right after the post, 10 other users bumped old threads, it would push the new thread out of view. Yeah there are other ways to read new threads but its just good practice. Also it wastes times because you think there might be some new info only to find some stupid comment by a n00b. This happens more times than not. This practice really just goes for information forums like ours. They only reason that person bumped that thread was to spam that web site. He posted the name a pile of times in different parts of the forum. If you look at that post the other 2 web site were already listed. Yes he added new info, but he did it to spam. If there is no new info to add to the bumped threads then people shouldn't bump old threads.
    "-1" for Forgottenalarm, Re:


    QUOTE Forgottenalarm
    "no but me quoting you for being a dick might help...."

    Originally Posted by charliebruce
    Please read the previous posts - EBay is one way, but online retailers, or indeed local shops all stock the same item. It is up to you to find one at the right price. We are not going to do the work for you! Also, no need to swear (or abbreviate swear words) - it won't make you popular.

    "if you dont have any constructive answers then keep your pitttyfull opinions to yourself"

    I'm posting this here because I don't want to "pollute" what I consider to be a very exciting thread (and one of the reasons I gave him a bad rep; wrong thread, wrong time :tsk:
    Well, not a lens designer or anything... Just a guy who likes this cool new hobby!:) Light is awesome isn't it? I can't believe how a single battery can light a match 20' away!
    The .5W BR is still working fine. I don't get to play with them much right now. I'm still getting the "new" place set up
    Hey y'all :)

    FYI, if you want to retain SENT PMs, you will have to "check" the appropriate box in your profile settings (Options). Otherwise they will be discarded!

    Hi Traveller ,

    Could you kindly remove your thread and your picture of testing our 120-150mW green laser mdoule ? it is a defective module not standing that our quality is bad . we would like to give you a new replacement not waiting for your returned item ,I have told you that at my last e-mail .

    Thanks for your cooperation

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