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  • hi susie, just bought my first laser from you. just wondering if you can pm me on how going though customs to the us works thx
    Hi susie, I recently ordered a laser from you and I'm wondering what the status as of right now and when will it be shipped? I payed you via paypal on 5/10 I believe and my transaction ID is - Trans ID:6YR70645UW3856133 thanks and I hope to get a reply soon~
    need help finding out more info about the laser purchased. i PM'd u susie thankx
    Trans ID:6DX78760L1512020M
    heyy i placed my order on o-like but im paying with a credit card and it says i must contact you in order to pay. I could do paypal also if that would be easier for you. What ever you would prefer i am okay with.
    Hi Susie,

    as noted in detail here, I'm pleased to say that I received the replacement module yesterday (3rd June) and it is within specification.

    Thank you & regards from Vienna

    I didn't write anything about "bad quality" - as a matter of fact, I even pointed out that the IR is minimal and that for a "50m" it is pretty nice. I also pointed out that you have already offered to look at / swap out the module.

    So no, I don't see a reason for removing my post(s). I will be more than happy to update them with new figures & results when the time comes.
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