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My name is Josh, USAF, Jet engine Craftsman, proud Father of a beautiful babygirl.

Drums and Percussion, Guns, more Guns, ammunition handloading and bullet casting, LASERs
Okinawa, JP
Flightline Maintenance Expediter


405nm PHR-805T/Flexdrive 130mA/Leadlight - Bright Black Pen
405nm S06J/SL-D-3 450mA/SLC6 - BlackNasty
445nm 1W Sanwu Challenger
450nm PLTB450B/1.8A XDrive/Lifetime17 Cu Pen -SacréBLUE
450nm PLT5450B/LDSE500 285mA/Brass Leadlight pen - Blue Pen
462nm M462/1.8A XDrive/SL stainless-extended - The Blue Job
490nm GH04850B2G/Flexdrive 130mA/Lifetime17 PC - CyanCigar
507nm GH05030C2LM/Blitz linear 180mA/Leadlight - Mint Pen
520nm PLP520-B1/nano drive 470mA/Microstream -GreenStream
520nm PL520/nano drive275mA/keychain/Lifetime17 HS - Chaos Emerald
520nm NDG7475/SXD ~2A/Lifetime17 - ‘Stielhandgranate’
638nm GH0631IA2G/nano drive 275mA/Lifetime17 HS -Red Richard:)
638nm HL63603TG/LDES500~270mA/Lifetime17 white PC pen - White Pen
650nm GGW/Flexdrive 440mA/UltraFire C3/Lifetime17 HS - Crimson WL
660nm ML101U29/Flexdrive 250mA/Leadlight - Super Laser Pointer

•638nm 700mW Oclaro in Stainless SL Host. Passed suddenly while fog lasing. She was only 2 month old. Her heart and host were donated to lend life to an M462 and Sharp 638nm GH0631IA2G.

•Leadlight laser pen “Super Pointer” lost its Mitsubishi ML101U29 diode suddenly during EDC selection. Super Pointer is expected to survive. However, it’s beloved Diode is now in photon heaven.

•BlackNasty’s BDR-208BK was KIA. Long- lived 405nm diode had a long run. BN will soon go under the knife for diode transplant.
Sound Taps for our beloved 405.

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