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ArcticMyst Security by Avery
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  • gave thought to starting an OHIO group- found yours
    TY for starting it- I have some ohio members i will send--

    I have started a few and one thing I learned- expect hardly anyone to check in- SO subscribing (find group tools) is a must -this is most important if a pop-up GL LEM happens on short notice-- by subbing they get the email ,

    btw selling many JLs from my collection most modles - all colors(no 405s) and powers- all hardly touched-at first these will be shown FS only at VET-
    FT has been really quick to ship out orders, usually within a day, much better than DX.
    Best Chinese vendor IMO.
    No problem! A lot of flashaholics have been very satisfied with the excellent service over at FastTech. Hope you keep your wallet from getting too thin! :D
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