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  • I wouldn't have an LPM if this great yet affordable LPM didn't exist and add the fact it can handle up to 20 watts makes its price hard to believe! A+
    PM me the PP addy again and name although that was not the problem -- I just sent an email and it came back, hope you can reply soon--my bad
    I got the Meter today Astralist, I love it man!! Thanks so much!! I've been wanting to get one from you for a while now and I love it :)
    Bro, when you have a spare time to check my laser ? thanks. Prefer salemba, near my house at pasar baru.
    I was reading your posts in a thread on the O-like 1.2w 445nm laser and saw where you had a >1000mw Spartan for sale. I was wondering if I could ge any specifics from you. (cost, condition, performance, duty cycle, what comes with it, etc.) thanks!
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