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  • Contact me VIA MSN If you want, I really want that laser, i have a little bit of money to use and that 150mW happens to be the one recomended by a comrade on these forums.

    MSN: Mark1200330@hotmail.com
    SKYPE: markdano4936

    Thank You and i look forward to doing business with you!

    hey do you have any of these left ???
    I have two 20mW 635nm diodes from the groupbuy DJNY did. They were $22 a piece and they are now I'n aixiz modules with leads soldered on.
    $20 a piece
    One is still hooked up to a groove2 driver and set at 75mA, u can have that also if you want for $5 bucks
    Im getting a 170mW 635 diode, and just needed to recover from what it's going to cost me, and will be getting a more powerful 635
    hey allie sounds good! That's so cool to actually find somebody who lives near here! How old are you? Where did you go to school? I'm 20 and graduated 2008 from paul blazer high school in ashland!
    Hey!!! I found you on the LPF member map on Google. I just added myself on it, and I noticed you're from Ashland -- I'm from Huntington!!!

    I'm actually pretty new into lasers and there's so much I need to learn about. It all started off with a little ~5mW red keychain... and now I have a ~50mW green 532nm that I absolutely love :)

    Maybe we could meet sometime in the summer or something? That'd be so cool :D
    Some people are so big and tough, they can write words on their computer , because they are really little girls I'n real life, who are scared individuals :beer:

    We pity these people
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