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  • Hi rangedunits
    You ask to be a friend, so why didn't you write and tell me about what you are into that we can talk about. Friends are people the talk and have thing in common, or share ideas. Being friends is not just collecting cool avatars in your friend box. I'm into astronomy, playing guitar and piano, kung fu, and yo yos. Do you do any of these thing, or want to know about them? What are you other intrest beside lasers?
    Write me and talk some about stuff. That's friends.
    The difference between a Kenometer LPM and a Lasersbee LPM.
    Moron I neg repped you for +repping Exerd for nothing more than trying to troll. What did Canada have to do with his post?

    Grow up man.
    I'm disabled too, moron. But I am not a drug trafficker. I could not even afford drugs, yet he can?!?!?!
    About the comment I made with the rep I gave you for your apology, I hit the "enter' key by accident, so the comment is incomplete, it should have read :

    "see, no need to blame it on others, just be honest, but don't do it again, hope you got a lesson."

    It's not a joke if it's a completely tasteless and failed reference to something irrelevant. There is a reason you lost most of your rep points. You act like a mentally challenged 12 year old and have never actually contributed anything to the forum.
    <Ranged>: everyone knew that i was mugged?
    <Ranged>: last night
    <Proto>: WHAT?!?!
    <Proto>: I didn't know
    <Ranged>: result= temporally bliness for the attacker
    <Ranged>: THANKS DX
    <gamegenie>: xDDD
    <Ranged>: ^^ P7 flashlight
    <gamegenie>: I <3 you man
    <gamegenie>: thats awesome
    <gamegenie>: xDDD
    <Proto>: Sweet
    <Ranged>: i had knife, 50mW ir less laser, and my 150mw from WL
    <Ranged>: evo pro
    <Ranged>: but i had forgotten lasers goggles
    <Proto>: Pics or it didn't happen >_>
    <gamegenie>: omg
    <Ranged>: the guy just had stolen a b ike
    <gamegenie>: this post gets in my hall of fame

    This guy is epic xD
    how did you get yours? were you the other guy on the genius rocket project?

    Either way, how do I found out the specs if Wicked HAsn't put them up yet
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