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    Is this site missing something lately?

    Im out.
  2. rangedunits

    Is this site missing something lately?

    Just me, Probably...
  3. rangedunits

    Why ebay laser are so cheap?

    You get what you pay for!
  4. rangedunits

    Lazerer and US customs

    In Canada, you get charged additional taxes when you orders batteries. But not every time.
  5. rangedunits

    DIY Pre-Calibrated LPM for under $100.00....

    @SpeediernFyre: Learn to write name/nickname right, then il tell you! As for others: Im not going back on the subject, we all know the story. Lets move on!
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    DIY Pre-Calibrated LPM for under $100.00....

    Very Nice to hear from you again Bob, sorry for your loss. There many others member Who lost $ too.
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    Buy / Sell / Trade Rules

    To avoid scam and fraud, 3years member 2000post? :)
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    Using a laserbee on a smartphone?

    I believe, i already said that a few year ago.
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    Skylaser DPL-700, 821mW 532nm green laser.

    How much was it?
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    Browser hijacker - redirect "virus"

    I use OSX, not affected.
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    How much have you spent on lasers

    Dunno 1500-2000?
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    Review of the PGL RB Portable Laser

    Are you kidding me? Mentioning Dial-up, really? The dot look very round on the pictures❌. I would Like to see the Pink beam
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    SELEM 2012 - Livestream

    Where is the Event this Time?
  14. rangedunits

    Anyone speak this language?

    This is the reason i dont have printer at Home.
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    Does your "___" mess with the thermostat?

    13-18'celcius in my room, or 40'c when my computer is on.