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Build Log
80mw-130mw 405nm (12+ builds) PHR803T harvested from sleds
>200mw 405nm (3x) SF-AW210
>500mw 405nm (2x) 10XBDR-S06
>100mw 532nm (4x) O-like modules
>80mw 532nm (3x) "fleabay" modules
>200mw 532nm (1x) Trilights "150mw" TEC cooled, TTL Lab module
<5mw 632nm (1x) Lasiris Inc. Lab module
150mw->300mw 650nm (10+ builds) LOC harvested diodes
100mw 660nm (10x) 9mm can, unknown Manufacturer
>100mw 780nm (10+x) PHR sled IR diodes and various DVD burners
>3.5watts ?904nm? (1x) C-mount, unknown manufacturer
150mw->500mw RGUV "White Laser" (3x) Custom Carbon Fiber Builds


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