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  • I give up!!
    where is LPF taking me where I do not want to go-- I click send Pm and it takes me here to VM
    oh well
    I will put you down for one chance- =you are the third one- once i get closer to 12 i will then ask for the 50$.

    Hope you win it!! For those not into lasers a PJ is much easier to 'wrap ones head around'- I have yet to be asked 'why' when they see me & a PJ -- I have allowed a bunch of friends to sit at my keyboard and play to the music with my Quick Show software- its VERY user friendly- but NOT cheap!!
    Hey my stepdad was a nuclear scientist dude in the navy, then he became a refrigeration tech. Pretty cool.
    I've been reading the forums for months and can't figure out why I never registered to begin with. Ton of info here. Get caught up in hours of reading.
    Just received my 1W Spartan yesterday (more lasers on the way and allready have a bunch to experiment with and yes I have all apropriate glasses mostly from DL).
    Curious about why you don't raise the donation goal up higher. Seems there's an aweful lot of members. I wonder how much you would get if you raised the goal up to 1000 (most likely tight-wads would cry foul). Anyways, I for one apreciate the site and it's worth supporting.
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