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  • My apology's as I just went back to the old thread of reliable 532's and you gave the exact same part # and explaination of it being the shorter of the bunch!! Wow I really need to search some more don't I!!
    Hi paul, as iv'e tried to do as much searching as I can i'm still confused and need a little help if you don't mind. I'm seriously thinking about aptlightingworlds 200mw 532 module. There is a few issue i'm thinking about as 1 being that the last time you checked their site you mentioned it doesn't seem to look like the ones you ordered a few years back. Another issue is they seem to have a few and I need the shortest one they have from the laser tip to the end of the driver board as I will remove the contact spring. Reason being its a very tight fit in the Star Trek phaser prop i'm planning and the only one that really fits with some work is the 3V module from fastech as their 5V is a bit too long. I have this as a part # from aptlighting 330876154653. Would you think this might be the true 200mw in your opinion. It is $59.99 with out shipping so kinda weary and I believe till I double check that its the same smaller one like fastech's. Thx paul
    No Problem you pop up lately once in a while but with always some good to say Thank u also my friend
    Hay Paul, how's it going, was wondering what are your thoughts on a 301 host, mine died from a fall and I dismantled it, your help is greatly appreciated my friend.
    I will be on the look out, looking to build a 1-200mw blue or purple, any suggestions, nothing too heavy or clunky, something the size of a 301 or mini mag with burning capabilities, im all ears my friend.:bowdown:
    Hay paul just thought I would drop in and say hello and see what you been up to.
    I just realized that I would not be able to have a side button. Noob mistake. didn't want to miss it and was rushed in my thinking, please disregard! Thanks!
    hay paul i went ahead and emailed dtr, i am soooo glad you asked that question lol, i did not even notice that module comes without a driver, i completely forgot about a driver, oops:/
    those are really impressive, i will do a couple comparison shots when i receive my host
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