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  • I see that diode went for 16 dollars something. I guess that means you got it?
    No Problem you pop up lately once in a while but with always some good to say Thank u also my friend
    Hay Paul, how's it going, was wondering what are your thoughts on a 301 host, mine died from a fall and I dismantled it, your help is greatly appreciated my friend.
    I will be on the look out, looking to build a 1-200mw blue or purple, any suggestions, nothing too heavy or clunky, something the size of a 301 or mini mag with burning capabilities, im all ears my friend.:bowdown:
    Hay paul just thought I would drop in and say hello and see what you been up to.
    I just realized that I would not be able to have a side button. Noob mistake. didn't want to miss it and was rushed in my thinking, please disregard! Thanks!
    hay paul i went ahead and emailed dtr, i am soooo glad you asked that question lol, i did not even notice that module comes without a driver, i completely forgot about a driver, oops:/
    those are really impressive, i will do a couple comparison shots when i receive my host
    532 nm filters: I have been building a number of 532 nm lasers. There have been questions about filters to remove the IR component and just wanted to pass a little information along to those who are interested. I use IR filters in all my builds and if you are looking for some there are a quantity or 5 IR filters 9.5 mm square and 1.1mm thick on eBay item # 110887324982 for $15.98. These filters have a high transmission for 532 nm >97.5% and a low transmission of IR at 808 nm and 1064 nm <2%. Just wanted to pass that along to anyone interested in building these DPSSLs.
    I am having a problem with the X-Buck 1.8 amp driver by Lazeer and would like to get a schematic of the driver or at least a pin out diagram of the IC. Intermittently my power output goes into the mud and the input voltage is fine @ 7.4 volts dc. This happens every so often and once this driver blew out my LD.

    Turns out the problem was the laser diode. I didn't know at the time that these diodes could be intermittent.
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