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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    It was discouraging to see House republicans try to defend the indefensible again. The House today set out two articles of impeachment of Trump. It is set to go before the full House next week. The Judiciary committee is holding hearings tomorrow and the next day. I'll skip tomorrow as that is...
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    RGB collimated unit

    It depends on where you buy your RGB laser from. There are some very well aligned ones for sale and even ones you can align yourself. I agree that the least expensive ones are not well aligned or can be made to align well. If you use all single mode diodes that have similar divergences you can...
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    I'm glad to see liionwholesale.com is selling 16340 batteries now. They have always been who I buy my 18650s from, but used to not carry the 16340s before.
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    Nice 8 Bay Battery Charger

    Someone else had shown this before. I guess it is okay, but is limited to 1 amp charging. I still prefer my Opus as it can do much more and has even high charge rates if you want them. It is limited to only four batteries at a time though.
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    Review of the THOR M2 from ebay

    Li-ion rechargeable batteries are the default batteries we use here. I still use protected cells for many builds as the high drain ones are not necessary for everything and don't protect you from over-discharging them. You will have to learn about which batteries work best with which diodes, but...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    These are Fox News and Trump talking points about the Democratic Primary. How did I become a tax on the middle class? That is just nonsense. I believe the tax breaks Trump gave to the wealthy again should be repealed as they never actually give that trickle down economic boost that Reagan always...
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    Cheap OLike/LPS RGB Handheld

    Great review, Zach. Sorry it is what it is. Hope you have luck with the driver(s) and dichros. Will be watching for what you come up with.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    There aren't millions of gun owners in Virginia that own assault rifles or high count magazines. The Democrats have majorities everywhere it counts there and they didn't get there without a clear majority of voters who put them there. I'm sure it will get to the courts, but in the meantime it...
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    WTB: Ophir Heads, Ophir LPMs

    Oh, I didn't know that one got sold. Do you know if he got his asking price? It seemed high to me for a used LPM. Looked like he was trying to get all the money he paid for it back out. Okay. I see he got $400 for it. That was $100 less than he was looking for.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Goldman today made a compelling case that not only did Trump bribe the new Ukrainian president to investigate his political adversary, but he only released the $391 million after he was caught at doing so. As far back as a month before the funds were released the Trump administration was aware...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    The hearings today took 9 hours to get through them all. Most of it was the Democratic and Republican attorneys that were part of the Houses evidence of Trump's wrongdoing and the republican's defense against this evidenced as witnesses. It was hilarious to see Stephen Castor's simply not...
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    WTB: Ophir Heads, Ophir LPMs

    There's one for sale still somewhere in the BST section. My thought was the guy is asking too much for it, but maybe you can negotiate.
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    Pl520. Driver.

    Yeah, those 808nm diode drivers won't produce nearly enough forward voltage for a direct diode green. They are the cheapest, by far, of all the drivers available from China. The LDSE500 is a SEPIC driver, IIRC. You will have to set it up for either one or two batteries as I'm not sure the...
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    RGB hand held 400mw at O-like 269.00

    Two 26650s is a large host. Especially since you don't need that much current to drive these three LDs. I would expect that depending on the red diode used, you might be able to get more out of it. I can get 400 mW out of the LPC-840s.
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    Uranium Glass Marbles?

    I still have a uranium glass marble that fluoresces readily when hit with a 405nm laser. I would never try to crack it as they are fairly difficult to find these days. Ten years ago these were much easier to find.