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    They seem to be more effected by open carry and police violence. A black restaurant owner was shot and killed in Louisville yesterday by either police or the National Guard and left lying where he fell for 14 hours. He had been feeding protesters. Trump took a photo op in front of St. John's...
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    Space Discussion Thread

    IDK. Space travel is still inherently dangerous. I don't see space travel for tourism coming even in the next several decades. However if you are talking about commercial entities making the vehicles, this is not new at all. The Mars rover as well as other vehicles have been made for years by...
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    Hyperion LPM + Vritonuzz Data Logger Platform

    It's great to hear from you after so much time, Pradipta. I hope things will calm for you so you can bring more drivers and LPMs to the LPF. Take care, my friend.
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    Hi From a Laser Grad Student in SoCal

    Welcome to the LPF. I saw your other thread and found the killing of methacillin resistant staph aureus with UVC interesting, though my work with these included antibiotics in vitro and in vivo instead. I'm looking forward to more of your posts on this.
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    A new study published in the Lancet today looked at 96,000 patients taking Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine with or without a macrolide such as azithromycin in an observational study of patients from around the world and found no evidence of benefits and serious evidence of harm from cardiac...
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    Any violet or blue Laser Pointers under $30

    I have a Thor H2 from laser pointers store. It takes two 26650 batteries and I received it quite some time ago in order to do a review of it here. You can find my review or diachi's which was posted around the same time.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    There's a new article in the NY Times that sort of asks the question, "where did all the white supremacists go in the south after Strom Thurman and George Wallace left?" The answer is they are still there. They now call themselves republicans. On Tuesday a video was released from February that...
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    Finally got myself a spectrometer!

    The HR4000 is the spectrometer I plan on getting next as it has double the pixels that my USB2000 has. When you buy a fiber optic cable, get one from Ocean Optics. That is what I did and have never had a problem with it.
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    Wow...."super chiral" laser...

    Yep, that is correct. Many biologic molecules are different in the way we perceive them only because they are mirror images of the same molecule. Dextromethorphan is the mirror image of levodromoran. The first is an OTC cough suppressant while the latter is a powerful narcotic pain reliever.
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    Re-purpose, recycle, reuse---'MAKE'-do not throw it all away.

    Here I said that stranded wire "can" carry current more efficiently as it does in parallel high tension lines. These are the the ones I was talking about. Here I said high tension wires.
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    Laser projector optics

    Nice of you to leave out my qualifying part about it not being coherent. Yes, a spotlight does make a column, but doesn't meet the coherence needed to colimate a beam.
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    Can't find

    If you are using an RGB laser as a projector for making illustrations, galvos are the 2D mirrors and the electromagnetic mechanisms that move them to make the illustration. It just followed that they might be used if you are trying to drive an RGB laser.
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    Laser driver battery

    I took the OP at his word about input voltage. Should have looked more closely. Just use three 18650 batteries in series.
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    Laser driver battery

    You could use an 18650 battery at 3500 mAh. Those are usually 3.7 volts loaded.
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    Laser driver battery

    I did for the item number he listed, but got no item. If it is the usual lab style head it runs off +12 volts, so 3 Li ion batteries would work.