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  • Hey good day i have a question and ill just ask in PM

    The laser i connected yesterday on 3 fase 32 amps and that was really SCARY part to power it up but all the lights came on bright so that part is fixed

    a little movie where i show that it's ofcource not working cause i am rather new to gas lasers
    ( i mean the BIG boy lasers )

    Here i ran it for 3 minutes

    But Q 1 does the water temp effects the start up time ?
    and it has a single-line optic so do i need to tune the tube to 1 of the frequencies
    ANd tune the tube with the little tune knob till it start lasing

    My message is a little unclear maybe but thank you for now
    hi, so i picked up a lm7805 and a 5ka pot for the signal injector, but am unsure how the components go together.
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