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Career highs and lows:

Since 1986:
255 nm to 2100 nm Tunable.
2100 nm to 11 uM tunable.
50 Joules, 700 Picoseconds 1064
32 Joules, 700 pS Green.
Nanosecond, Picosecond, Femtosecond.
HeCad, HeNe, IR HENE, CuBr, CO2, Krypton, Argon, N2, Dye, Ti:Saph,
Nd:YLF, Nd: VANDATE, ND:GLASS, ND:SVAP, OPG, OPO, SFM, SBS, RAMAN SHIFTED, DFG, OPA,UV Argon Ion, UV and IR (752/799) Krypton Ion 2,3,4th Harmonics of Yag. 13 lines of Mixed Gas, 575 Kr. 690 Kr . 18 lines of HENE. "Blue OPSL" and Raman Shifted Hene 651, 520 nm OPSL , 532 nm OPSL, 472 and 561 nm DPSS, Yellow OPSL ,
FOR 2019, "When Thick Etalons Attack," resulting in 543 DPSS and 1074 , 1086 ND:YAG" New for 2020 Simultaneous Red and 1520 nm HENE. Yet I've flipped Burgers, too.

"I'm from Akron, I know what the Polymers Taste Like"


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