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    574nm DPSS 20mW

    Opt was NOT the only group working on that crystal. I looked at ordering one from my favorite Chauvet Dealer. "preorder" and no firm deadline for shipment. Chinese government sponsored research is almost always spread across multiple labs, crystal growth is no exception. I would not assume...
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    What happens if they confiscate your laser?

    Feds, outside of Customs, just send you a letter of apparent liability after giving you a chance, in most cases, to submit a correction plan, after sending you a notice of violation. In other words, cease and desist, send XXXXX Dollars to ZYYY account at a Bank in Pittsburgh in N days or...
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    Morons with Drones.........

    Personal drones and RC planes are the FAA's new target. The new rules are draconian. You have till Monday at like Midnight Eastern to comment on the FAA NRPM at regulations.gov.
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    HeCd laser availability ...

    KImmon.. Still makes them. Omnichrome not made for a decade and change, and no new Liconix for like 20 something years. Therefore, look at Kimmon… The recent Kimmons are beautiful instruments. I have no experience with the Russian design, which are few and far in between, and never really...
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    Another knuckle head

    US Title 18 CHAPTER 2 SECTION 39a is one of the applicable federal rules, "Interference with Aircrew in the Performance of their Duties". Steve
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    successfully lase Pr YLF crystal

    Where are you located? Perhaps I can send you some brand new orange or green HENE OCs to match your experiment. I have around 175 of them in different variations including multiline. Steve
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    Diffuse reflection - can it damage the eyes?

    Attached is the file from the University of Chicago Radiation Safety Office with the math, see section 3B Again, and Again, and Again, I must stress that proper laser safety above class 3A requires math and measurements. Yes, Diffuse laser reflections can be a hazard, and by definition some...
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    Regulations in the US for system with enclosed class IV laser

    21 CFR 1040.1 still applies. All you are doing is technically reducing the hazard to Class I levels, and CLASS IV lasers in consumer goods are tightly regulated by CRH/FDA. Many companies have made the argument that if their beam is totally enclosed they are not marketing a laser device...
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    Diffuse reflection - can it damage the eyes?

    Quote ". Regardless, diffuse reflections don't cause eye damage" Like hell they do not. You can create eye damage with a diffuse reflection, for example, one of my 10 watt argons at work had a measured minimum safe distance of three meters from the spot on the wall. Steve
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    My office floor tiles have a few pink sections. Stray R6G powder is like the Spanish Inquisition, No One Expects it, and really stains everything. :-) Bleach, Alcohols, Acetone, Xylene, nothing will fully de-color the tiles, and the more you scrub with chems, the more it changes to pink...
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    Years ago it was done in the IR with very high gain dyes and very tiny outputs and far red or IR diode pumping. For years I've been explaining why this is very difficult in the visible, needing a flowing jet, 200 nanosecond transfer time, quenching, spot size from the diode, triplet state...
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    "Burning Man" festival may be getting too big

    Working at a College, I can tell you DHS mandates a minimum of one sworn peace officer per 1000 persons at large public events. Your seeing the regulatory backlash from a eclectic event getting too large. It has always amazed me how Black Rock City and the corporation behind BM always got...
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    Sooner or later the banhammer is gonna fall

    Been watching the Hong Kong political protests lately? Lasers made in China might get regulated much quicker if that "Political" use keeps up. Not that I have a problem with securing liberty, but I can think of better ways then flash blinding riot police. The Authoritarian folks might reduce...
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    How come laser shows are not a danger to the audience? (newbie)

    When a friend went and got his audience scanning package together over the past year, the largest number of variances he could read online, for Aud Scanning were issued to Mega Churches. Followed by a few amusement parks. They at least have the funding, large enough venue, lawyers...