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  • i have the o-like 400 tourch and it's a good laser but as you may have read some of them are underspec , i got luckey that mine was over spec ( puts out over 400 mW ) so you need to be lucky to get a up to spec one from o-like
    Hi, I've seen you own a 400mw green laser. Which one do you have? I going to buy the 400mw from o-like. I've read there insn't a IR filter. I want a laser with a very bright beam. Should i buy this one?

    Ik ben opzoek naar iemand in Nederland met een LaserBee om m'n lasers eens te laten meten.
    Heb jij er een toevallig of weet je waar ik het kan doen.

    Gr. Dutch
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