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    Unown (WILD)
    Oh yeah I remember Gabe. Wow I think you were like 15 or something then, correct me if I'm wrong
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    Hahaha correct, I was 14 when I joined the forums to really get into the hobby. As of a few days ago, I’m now 21. I don’t recall your username and I can’t go that far back, did you go by a different name Uknown?
    Unown (WILD)
    Unown (WILD)
    crazyjay and visiblegreen later on
    Ahh that explains it! Sounds interesting - will make a good 1000th post! I'll look forward to that :)
    Just saw you left me a rep, thanks! Where've you been - haven't seen you posting in a while! Trying to stay at 999?
    No problem. Yeah, I've done the same thing with my 300mW green and a beam expander, you can see the dot really clearly on the clouds above, but I've yet to check if any ofy friends can see it from kilometres away. I've heard that even the beam can be seen from a couple k away for a 1.5W 520! That's what makes me nervous about making one, that's some serious attention drawn to yourself.
    Sorry for the slow reply. It's always funny when that happens, but people (at least in my experience) are beginning to change attitudes about laser pointers. High altitude lasers are the best. Get a 1W 638 with a beam expander and the dot can be seen (with binoculars) 30+ km away. I'm sure high powered 520nm would fair even better.
    I honestly wouldn't mind being from the outback boonies as opposed to Calgary. Shining lasers these days catches a lot of attention, especially the bright ones so It's irritating to only be able to use them outdoors occasionally. I've got some good photos kicking around, I'll post them soon enough :D
    hello, I am brand new here and I need some help from what I have seen you are pretty helpful.
    I know almost nothing about lasers but I am very interested!! I saw the guy on YouTube who made a laser sword and a laser shotgun! am im looking for some help into maybe producing something along them lines.
    I am an electronic engineer but have never came across lasers.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me!
    Thanks Rob
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