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  • wats up dawg--
    meet for coffee this weekend??
    PM me w/ your contact info --got a new cell finallly

    man.. .. we gots to stay in touch mo betta.
    I can HOOK up with lots of LUMIA parts..

    well its ~ 4PM-I am heading to HEBf for a quick look around will be gone by 5PM..

    my bad- we can try another day-- Im in a white Merc wagon- w/ handi-parking placard
    if Im not parked in a HEB space I am gone aready--Len
    Hey man! I just wanted to say what's up and thank you for being a friend to a new member. Much appreciated! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. I'm pretty happy about the GB being back online lol. Very cool of styro to take over such a daunting task. I've never been in a GB before, only bought directly, so I just thought we told whomever what we wanted, sent the money and the lasers would be mailed to us, LOL, talk about nieve! Enjoy the rest of your, Sir!
    giving 'Dispalser' greg you number hope he can join us- want you to meet him = smartest laserist of any around here-

    cya at HEB-
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