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  • Odicforce is a good comapny in UK- they ship kits with all parts needed to make your own-
    Ahh you are in Netherlands-- one of the countries I hope to someday visit-

    I looked at the link- I do not know this company at all--

    So the price may be good or not-

    I was not able to see the cost of ship.. Let me look for a member who is local to you..

    Some lasers are not too dangerous --some are VERY bad- If you goal is to get a laser that can be shown into the eyes without harm-- there are NONE- no laser except the 'lipstick' red cat toys is harmless- these use 'flat round batteries- and are VERY low power- most have replaceable tips that make different images and in almost evry country these can be gotten in novelty shops etc.

    VERY cheap too- some are at ebay also

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