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  • Hey!
    Thanks for the post etc. I hope you get on OK with them. (You've changed your Avatar in the last couple of days? Am I right?)

    Just noticed your B'day is a week before mine too!

    Best regards,

    Heh dusty,

    Whats the shipping time like from the US. Im looking toward jayrob mini design with an 8x diode using flexi.

    Can you point me to a good source for bluray diodes as you may be able to navigate that much better than me.

    PS yr up late. Metoo i suppose however 21 is on sky
    hehe, cheers guys, its not acctually my pic, I found it one day surfing the net. There were others too, like cutting a bagel and warming up a cup of coffie, lol
    schweet advatar...you don't know how many times I wish I could trim trees and the like with a lazer.:)
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