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  • We okay? Not sure how a fairly common hyperbolic statement, used simply to express an intensity of desire for something, on an old thread warrants a neg rep. No one would seriously commit murder for something as simple as a laser diode, nor would anyone presume to take any such claims as serious threat. What I said was akin to saying "I would sell my kidney for a laser". Yet no one calls the hospitals and police stations in my area and has them put an APB out on me incase I harm myself.
    Any reason you haven't replied to my latest PM about the laser you sold me? Trying to figure out the issue I think it must just overheat and I can't see any thermal compound, maybe my message just didn't arrive?
    Alright. And I didn't think he was making up rules, I thought he misunderstood them in the same way I did.
    I can understand you neg repping people when they neg rep someone for false reasons- but neg rep everyone that did it, not just me. Not fricking cool.
    if you still have your 500mw green laser i may be able to offer 200 dollars for it this friday. will you sell it for that price?
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