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    FS: 1000 Lumen XM-L T6 Maglite Mod With Voltage Monitor - Parts, or Complete Light!

    My 3D size, 3 mode version arrived last week and instantly became my favorite patrol duty flashlight. It's almost as bright as the spotlights, which is why the medium and low modes are a must. Run time is excellent! I work the graveyard shift, four days a week, and didn't need to charge it until...
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    FS: A Few Random Hosts and Heatsinks (Prices Reduced 5/30)

    Re: FS: A Few Random Hosts and Heatsinks (Prices Reduced) I'll take one of the $10 MXDL's (host only). Either the black or GITD tail clicky will work. PM me with the PP details. Thanks
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    SMIII, of course.

    SMIII, of course.
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    WTB - Motorola Milestone

    http://images.craigslist.org/3k13me3pa5Q45U25R5b1g3a009af8f009167e.jpg A used one like this? $150 obo. I don't know if it's still available but I've seen a few listed for about the same price and can check it out for you if you want. Edit:Verison Wireless Motorola Milestone comes with charger...
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    Sale Thread: New Inexpensive 18650/cr123a Host Kit - $25 Shipped!

    Re: Sale Thread: New Inexpensive 18650/cr123a Host Kit I put a 445nm in one of those with 3 cr123's, a rkcstr driver, and a massive heatsink. Had to press fit the heatsink though because I couldn't get that damn bezel off. It does make a decent host with such a huge heatsink and the different...
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    New Xeno G42! Massive throw! XP-G R5 @ 1.5A!

    I check your website now and then to see if the 26w is back in stock and it never is. Were there issues with it?
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    Micro-Drive laser driver by rkcstr

    :bumpit: I received the "imperfect" drivers a while ago and barely got around to playing with some of them (3 so far). The first three that I pulled out were easy to fix :) The rest look just as easy too. I'm surprised the first set hasn't sold yet. A little over $4 per driver is a steal...
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    ARCTIC HOST feeler! interested? READ

    I'm interested in 1 or 2. Thanks
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    A Few Good Sleds...

    Put me down for 2x BDR's. Thanks Glen :beer:
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    Micro-Drive laser driver by rkcstr

    If set 2 is still available I will take it. Let me know and I will send the funds. Thanks
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    100mW Green Modules + Crystals $26

    I'll take one module. Pm me your PP info and I'll send the funds.
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    Re: denton808 sale (a little pic heavy) PP sent. Thanks again
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    Re: denton808 sale (a little pic heavy) I know you don't want to split up your offer but I'll pay $80(shipped) for the first three items.
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    Re: 445 XJ-A140 Diodes $46 and A150 diodes $56 Shipped US (PM for International) Thanks again, DTR! My diode arrived today.
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    CNI GB #10 (June, is Planned for delivery)

    Mine arrived in the mail today :) thanks, Glen!