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  • I'm on 10th st, so I'm not too far away! Yeah, I think I'd like to join. I'm on the road all the time, so I don't know how many meetings I'd make, though...
    Responded to PM as well. Battery goes in with the positive end toward the diode and negative (flat) end toward the tail
    It will come USPS, priority mail. It will either ship Thursday morning (if I finish in time) or Friday morning at the latest. I have class Thursday afternoon/evening
    It will probably be Thursday morning before I can work on it. I'll fit in some prep work before then, but probably will not be able to squeeze enough time in to complete it.
    oh and I love your avatar; I spent hours trying to find it online and when I did I just sat and stared at it for an hour and a half just LAUGHING ...lol
    awesome! I moved to Ojai in April of last year (2009) from L.A.. It's great for laser enthusiasts because there is a lot less (if any) light pollution and no airplanes/helicopters all the time. But yea Santa Barbara is pretty great--I go there once in a while just to relax and hit main street
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