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    I came to your profile via your post on cmak's profile that I arrived at grime the SoCal laser group. Are you still in Santa Barbara? I live in Ventura but work in SB during the week. I didn't see you on the LPF user map. It's nice to see there are some members around here.

    Maybe we could meetup for a beer someday
    Pullbangdead! It's really good to see you around some more than usual! I would like to skype/message you at some point soon. I have some questions specifically for you! I know you like to remain anonymous, but is skype doable for you? Please let me know, thanks!

    I have been on the forums for a while now and have really enjoyed all of your posts. They are quite well thought out and extremely informative - especially those regarding the physics behind lasers. I have learned a lot and I wanted to let you know that your contributions are appreciated :)
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