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  • Thanks for the info, Gonna buy it in the next month so excited. Btw, where do you get your tripods, for the life of me I can't seem to find them online
    Thanks my total is about 465 and the shipping is 35 dollars so I'm guessing its covered in that. Where contacted by customs when you got yours from them?
    you seem to know a lot about buying lasers so can you answer a question on of mine? I've now decided that I am likely buying a laser from Jet Lasers. I'm somewhat worried about how much duty/import tax i will have to pay on it. Also will customs sieze it?
    I'm glad you enjoyed it Rens. Building is fun and addicting. Have you decided what your going to build yet?
    Hey BobMc, thanks for sharing your Laser museum with us (incredible!) and your idea for the stands! Just found the exact same mic stands from ebay :) awesome deal. Now manifesting the money for my first laser(s) haha
    Ok, thanks, sounds interesting, something I like to try on a couple of my units. Got wing problems on a few like to see if I can get rid of them. Thanks I'll have to order a couple.
    The 2 element flattens up the beam and has a good range for converging out to about 4' also cuts down on the wings you get from a 3 element lens. I believe there is some small amount of clipping judging by the fully diverged focus pill shaped image on the wall.
    Hello, I'm falling in love with these lasers in these tiny little host! Think a I'm getting addicted. But I'm having fun. Best wishes to all !
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