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  • Hello. I purchased a custom laser you made from somebody you sold it too.
    The EDC 1650 1000mW 638nm laser.
    The lens does not focus, even when I twist the lens. As if there is no lens.
    Can you help me? Thanks.
    List order
    Silver casing
    2.4+ Watt 445nm laser in 501B casing --> $175, G2 lens and the bigger 9mm diode.
    two 16340 batteries and charger, $18
    Safety goggle, $18
    Larger diameter focus adapter, $5
    Registered Mail with tracking, $18
    Total : 234 $ Did account right?

    Please add 3% PayPal fee and the payment is for goods--------- I understand that. (3% going to put additional money)
    Hi Blord
    My question
    1) How much cargo to Turkey. How come a day.
    2) Is there a gray color
    3) Payment will be like
    4) What is the glasses and charger price.
    Interested to purchase. Email is aahigh and that is a gmail account. Would like a 501b in blue with 1W blue LED. Saw your post with price, just need to do details for order over e-mail. Thanks in advance for all that you do and you were highly recommended by others. Keep up the good work.
    Hi, looking for a price list. I'm interested in something in 3.5W ASAP. Email me at smoke_saibot@hotmail.com. Thanks!
    Hello, I am looking to buy one of your 3.5 watt lasers in black. I used to have a 1.2 watt from yobreal and I loved it. I'd like goggles and batteries with a charger. Do you accept paypal?

    Feel free to contact me at sejacks@siue.edu
    @mcgeedo: Sent you a pricelist, thanks !

    @USAbro: That is no problem. The customers have the same rights for using PayPal as payment. It doesn't matter if you make purchases privately or at a webshop. If you still interested I can sent you a pricelist. Shipping to the States is no problem. I offer refund for any seized lasers.
    My dad likes me to buy only through websites that use paypal, can't buy straight from people with Paypal. I know it's dumb, I don't make the rules.
    Greetings, Blord. I was refered to you buy someone who had bought a laser from you. Are you still selling them, shipped to the US? Thanks, my friend.
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    Hey Blord are you still in the laser business? I bought a laser from a another LPF member and it took 8 months to ship and when I got it the other day it doesn't work right. I'm going to attach some photos showing you what I'm dealing with. LPF - Imgur

    Hi jeff

    I don't have the 520nm in stock but the building time is 2 weeks. Expect another week for shipping.
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