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  • It's been a long while since ive been on this site but I'm looking to buy a completed laser. 650nm, 200mw+-, good heatsinking for 2 minutes on duty cycle that can run on 2 cr123 primaries, focusable. It would be good if its water resistant to some extent. Use would be to defocus it to a spot about 5 to 8 feet wide at 100 to 150 yards for coyote culling. If you have anything like this available please let me know.
    I still have the icd tube clock. They are not available anymore at the shop.
    You can have mine if you want. It is a nice gadget but I don't use it.
    New to the site and hobby. Looking for a green laser, preferably 532nm. Just looking for a price list/product sheet. Do you ship to USA, Pennsylvania? What payment methods do you accept? Thank you for your time and help.
    I am on vacation till September 8th. There will be a delay in replies.

    What is the price on these two

    2.4+ Watt 445nm blue laser in 501B casing with G2 lens and the bigger 9mm diode.
    3.5+ Watt 445nm blue Copper Dominator


    The lens barrel is loose from the front ring.
    You are twisting the front ring and it doesn't focus because the lens barrel doesn't twist along with the front ring. Just remove both parts from the laser and firmly attach both part together. Then put it back in the laser. That should solve the focusing.
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