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  • dang I hate this cold waether- I was at one time used to it when i lived in OHIO.

    I must make the trip to AixiZ Laser (Pearland) very soon and when i do i always try to get members up that way to meet up with me at HEB's food court-- at 288 & 518
    Kaphena8ed is game for a meeting when he can-- He is up in Spring but work brings him to Houston often-- There are some member near Houston That I have not yet met.
    and some of the,m do professional laser shows and its great to hear about these with hopes of an invite to help do set-up and take down- being a lasershow 'roadie' for a day (night)
    Laserwizard Tim Walsh does Xmas shows in Pearland and I went to two of those- had a lot of fun and we all went out to eat after- He is located in san marcos but gets over this way often-- WE have brought lasers to the HEB but its not an ideal place to 'play' with them much-- I hope to find a Houston member that will invite us to a better place to meet up.
    I think that you may have confused me with Eitan, who is the owner of Sci-Fi lasers. His account here is Thejoker301
    Hey, you must have made a mistake in the profile you're looking for since I don't know how to make lasers :p Maybe the guy you're looking for has a similar name and you confused the two. :)

    how did you get past me????
    put your location in your profile dood.
    sending you invite to LSLF
    and Gadget can add you to out TX member map
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