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WOW: I found my STOLEN 3.3 watt Laser from blord, for sale on craigslist and HERE TOO


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Apr 2, 2009
How do you know for certain it is yours? It seems very suspicious, but how do you know he didn't acquire it elsewhere?

Once reported stolen, IIRC its the 'new owner' who must prove it was not hot- IF a pawnshop buys a stolen item they are required to turn it over to the police and NO they do not get what they paid back unless the thief does that-
IF the pawnshop does NOT comply they will have a hard time doing biz after that-- thus looking at pawnshops for your stuff can be a bad idea- If I were to do that and SAW my item I would be leaving asap, saying NOTHING and reporting that to the police- you can be sure they will look into it--

I do not feel that the police would not be helpful no matter the power-

The police are NOT going to say-0h wow its too powerful- the 'new owner' gets to keep it-- IMO your first move should have been to report the theft
and THEN let the police know you have found who has it and they are trying to sell it.

hak's dos centavos solo


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Jul 4, 2012
One thing that I'm gonna drop here is that a non-FDA compliant >5mW handheld laser may have been imported in to the US. Going to the police may actually get you in trouble.
That's a good idea- I didn't even think about the fact that Blord isn't in the US. Good call...