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There is Something "Wrong" With My Beam/Spot

Nov 11, 2014
Thread still topping the 445forum as top thread, - IMO a joke this dumping on new users. #44
2 posts and gone, tsk, wonder why' because of what he necro-started an old thread that was relevant to the beam-problem he felt he had as a new laser-owner...
and it's even 2 moderators that are dropping like-bombs on this necro-attack #45 on this new LPF-user' because what -he posted on a very old thread that was relevant to the spot-problem he had' as a new owner of a 445nm Gatling- laser.

Not much I use LPF anymore, but I do recall that some of the best threads I have read here, were often old threads. that I was made aware of because users necro-posted on old threads' that were relevant to the "info or help" they were after.
So many gold-nuggets in the old thread-portfolio here, and I personally prefer that people use that approach and LPF-search for a given thread that is relevant to their topic and make a post there, instead of starting a blank new thread, but mehh whatever.
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