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Self defense


New member
Dec 9, 2011
What RedCowboy said above ^^^^

Not to mention the difficulty of dazzling a active bear in both eyes with a 7mm to 10 mm laser dot + time to focus the laser under less than ideal circunstances or while running away--that is if a dazzler would even be effective on a bear which is uncertain/questionable.
You might just be able hit one eye and get him really pi$$ed off causing him to agressively attack/go after you.
Thats the last thing you want...an 800 pound beast that can run 30 mph, climb trees, and swim intent on going after the damn guy who shined a laser light at or in his eye or eyes LOL.

Have you ever heard of a laser beam turning a bear away?
The point is it might be better than nothing. As youve mentioned, you cant out run, out swim nor out climb a bear, and where Im going I dont have any other options besides a sharp stick.