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OSRAM 60W multilaser chip with 24 beams - JLM450nm

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Feb 12, 2016
Finally received the Multi laser chip apparently made in China by Osram.

It looks very similar to NUBM31T but unlike that one cannot be found on ebay, aliexpress nor taobao.
I read that this kind of devices are called Butterfly chips.

This one comes from Alibaba (I paid 240EUR for it) and was said to be 60W. It has 24 lasers packed very close but is smaller than NUBM31 from Nichia according to data sheet. And it has no documentation with it. Maybe it does not even oficially exist but now it is here before my eyes!

So first of all I have quickly tested it to find out the polarity of the pins. Was surprised to find out that 2 upper rows had + on the right and 2 other rows on the left. The strong light started already at 200mA unlike NUBM44/08 which need at least 400-450 mA current to really ignite.

The beams from each row looked at first sight very parallel, at least as parallel as beams from a NUBM08 block. The glass multilens is well fixed on the body but is not hermetically attached and it is even possible to insert a paper between the brass body and the glass.

I want to test all beams at full power but first I am doing the HS and would like to find the right plugs now. The chip wires seem to be 0.4mm thick like in common LDs and they can be inserted into common LD sockets or into female power plugs for LEDs found in Kasio projectors. This makes a good contact.

Can anyone indicate me where to find single sockets for these wires (because these LD sockets on picture have 3 holes and are pretty big in diameter)? Or where could I find these type of plugs in order to insert all 4 wires into the holes? I would need a plug like on the picture but longer.

Osram JLM 450 nm small.jpg


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May 9, 2011
I'd be worried about the longevity of the die in that package if it's not airtight :(